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Current Works in Progress by Author Chris Stanley

Simple Online Business Model
2nd Edit 75%
Life Design Protocols (co-Author)
2nd Edit 75%
Remote on a Boat - Life Currencies Series
2nd Edit 80%
Life Construction - Life Currencies Series
1st Edit 60%
Book to Business Plan - Author Models
2nd Draft 30%
Hacker Apocolypse (Novel) - Vate Archives
1st Draft 25%

Books by Author Chris Stanley

Author Models

Wish you had your own book published?

Don’t have months or years to complete it?

Are you intimidated at the thought of having to write 30,000 words?

Meet the Mini Book Model.

Life Currencies

I chased money and found misery.

I was bankrupt, not in money, but bankrupt in life.


I needed not only to invest in money, but in all of Life’s Currencies.

I’ve found I can separate life into four currencies, time, energy, relationships, and money.


These are the things you can spend or benefit from in your life.

God is Like

God’s fingerprint is on everything.

With these 30-Day devotionals, everyday things trigger our minds to think of God.

It hijacks our mind to look for God all around us.

I write these books because devotionals should never be boring.


Independent Adjuster's Playbook

Claim your life by becoming an independent insurance adjuster or auto damage appraiser.

I put any knowledge gained from my 13 years of experience as an independent appraiser and adjuster into the most comprehensive guides for independent insurance adjusters on the internet.

These books are your call to action, allowing you to embrace your dreams of becoming an insurance adjuster so you can claim your life.

Books by Author Stanley Crew

These books are written under the pen name “Stanley Crew.” This is the name Chris and his boys use when they write books together.

Noob Angel

An angel earns the lowest rank in angel history!

Benny the Noob Angel must prove his worth through unofficial Minecraft Bible stories.


Sailing Adventures of Sol & Vox (SASV)

Sol and Vox travel the open sea in search of adventure.

In every book they find it and must learn something to survive.

Based loosely on our real life sailing adventures.


About Author Chris Stanley

Chris Stanley lives and travels with his wife and 3 kids exploring God’s world to gain perspective and to feel small.

They travel by sailboat or on land adventures in their converted school bus.

Chris runs his various online companies remotely from wherever floats his boat while pursuing his passion of writing and authoring books.

He’s written 21 books and loves to write because it helps him refine and challenge his own thinking and himself.

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God is Like a Podcast

Devotional Podcast

Independent Adjuster Podcast

Podcast for Insurance Adjusters

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