Misleading Money Mantra by Chris Stanley

Misleading Money Mantra

Life Currencies Series Book 1

Book Description for the Misleading Money Mantra

Would more money would solve all your problems?

Do you feel like your whole life is spent chasing money?

In the Misleading Money Mantra, Chris Stanley walks you through how to step off the money chasing hamster wheel so you can start living the life of your dreams. This book tackles the 10 biggest money myths that society pushes on us and why you shouldn’t accept them at face value.

This book will change the way you see investing and will make you feel good about investing in your life, not just your bank account.

Using scripture from the Bible, Chris Stanley makes compelling arguments against things we accept as “normal” and accepted.

If you are ready to live the life you’ve always imagined, if you are excited to invest in something other than your bottom line, READ THIS BOOK.

Chapter Titles Include

  • The Four Life Currencies
  • Mantra #1: The Great Exchange
  • Mantra #2: Upstanding Citizen
  • Mantra #3: Life Valuation
  • Mantra #4: The Solution
  • Mantra #5: The Convenience Con
  • Mantra #6: Slippery Slope of Success
  • Mantra #7: Shackle Yourself
  • Mantra #8: Next Time
  • Mantra #9: Scarcity
  • Mantra #10: Money is Evil

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